Services provided:

· Encouragement in multiple therapies (Physical , occupational, speech, etc).

· Create a safe and supportive environment.

· Encouragement of family involvement (Family BBQ, recreational activities, etc.).

· Encouragement in the community (Support groups, brain injury education, Brain Injury Associations, volunteering, etc.)

· Having fun in recreational activities (Sports games, zoo, walk to the park, Walmart, etc.)

· 24 hour supervision by a certified caregivers

· RN Owned/Managed. Available 24 hour nurse with no extra charge for service plans. Routine assessments for prevention of illness.

· Assistance with medication administration.

· Assistance with Activities of daily living (Bathing, grooming, feeding, transferring/ambulation, etc.)

· Assistance with appointment scheduling and transportation.

· Three healthy home cooked meals with available snacks in between daily occasional outing and deliveries for special celebrations.

· Encouragement in monthly arts and crafts activities.

· Encouragement in exercise.