Q and A:

What is Weaver Care Homes?
Weaver Care homes is a residential assisted living home specifically for brain injury residents. 

When an injury happens to such a crucial organ, it can affect multiple areas of a person’s functioning.  Many gains are possible in recovery, but it takes significant time, understanding, and rehabilitation to
make it happen. Weaver Care Homes wants to create a safe and supportive environment that influences
the individual to grow to their fullest potential.

We are a 5 bed home, 3 private and 2 semi private beds. We also offer respite care for few hours, a day
or even a week for a vacation for the resident’s caregivers to know that their loved one is safe and taken
well care of during their time of space.

What type of brain injury residents do you accept?
We accept all varied of brain injury residents.

· Traumatic (Concussion, penetration, contusion, hemorrhagic, coup, etc.)
· Acquired (Anoxic, hypoxic)

Causes of the brain injury can be from strokes, infections, drug abuse, Motor Vehicle accidents, Gun Shot wounds etc.

What does you home provide for safety?
Weaver care homes provides many safety modifications.

· Call lights located next to each bed that alerts the caregiver directly on their wrist.
· Wheelchair ramps.
· Hand railings in showers/bathroom areas.
· Alarm system that alerts loud speaker if a door or window is opened.
· Medications locked away and administered by RN/Caregiver.
· Fire Safety
· Routine assessments completed by RN for prevention of illness.

What is the resident criteria?
· The resident cannot be bed bound.
· The resident is to have a brain injury, whether acquired recently or many years ago.
· Other requirements (Yearly TB testing, acceptance by primary doctor, etc) are to completed before acceptance to the home.

What services do you provide?
Please see the service tab at the top for the services that Weaver Care Homes provides.

Do you accept residents that also have behavioral issues?
Weaver Care Homes is not a strictly behavioral home but can help with behavior modifications. We also understand and is educated on the fact that a lot of brain injuries come with behavioral diagnoses too.

With the help of all team mates (Family, doctor, and care home employees) we will work together to ensure that the resident is safe to themselves and other individuals involved in the residents life.

Although, if the resident is too violent and threatens the safety of themselves or others after multi attempts of behavior modifications then the resident may be asked to leave.

Are the resident’s allowed to smoke?
Resident’s are allowed to smoke as long as approved by the resident’s care team (Family, doctor, and care home employees). Other requirements like good hygiene, smoking in designated areas, etc are to be followed.

Do you allow pets?
Weaver Care Homes understands pet play an important role in many individuals lives. We do accept animals depending on many factors -how many pets are in the home already?  Is the animal trained and non-violent?  Will the resident be responsible for the pet?  Are vaccines up-to-date? and many others requirements. 

Currently Weaver Care Homes does have two desert tortoises that live in the backyard.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept private pay.  We have been accepted by AHCCCS, but currently awaiting sub-contract acceptations. We are also in the process of applying to other insurances as well.

***all AHCCCS registered providers can provide services for and bill for
AIHP, Tribal ALTCS, TRBHA-enrolled, and all other FFS populations. No separate contract with AHCCCS is needed. A provider must simply be an AHCCCS registered provider.


Pricing depends on the care needed by the resident, private vs semi- private room, insurance coverage, etc. We will work with residents that are in special situations or needs.

If you have any other questions please contact Weaver Care Homes via phone or by email.

About the Owner

Meet Jessica

She has a passion for caring for others. It was always her dream to help others through a closer relationship like a group home. Jessica has been working in the health industry for over 14 + years;


  • 2 Years working with Autistic children, Respite/Habilitation through the state
  • 7 Years as a Certified Nurse Assistant/Patient Care Technician,
  • 7 years as a Registered Nurse.

She has worked in many areas from Behavioral Health, Medical-Surgical, and Emergency. Working with brain injury patients at the beginning and through out many years later after the significant event.

She currently works for Banner Emergency.


Developmental disabled Special Olympics
Brain Injury Alliance & other
group home settings
Collected formula for Haiti families.


Stroke Certified
Trauma Certified
Basic Life Support/First Aid/CPR
ACLS Certified
CPI -Crisis Prevention Interventions